How to Develop Career Agility

Website Adicionar ao calendário 11-07-2019 17:30:00 11-07-2019 20:00:00 How to Develop Career Agility For this SkillGym, we'll be joined by special guest Kat Clements, Special Projects Coordinator (and previously Manager of Careers & Leadership Development) at Curtin University! Careers aren't what they used to be. It used to be that most people could expect to work in one field (or even one company) for their whole professional life, steadily climbing the ladder and then retiring. In the modern, dynamic world of work, there's a lot more change and uncertainty - young Australians today can expect to have 17 different jobs across 5 distinct careers, many of which are only now emerging or don't yet exist.* This fast-moving, ever-changing environment requires a new set of career skills and mindsets - one that focuses on flexibility, experimentation, and rapidly adapting to change. We need to learn to develop our career agility, and in this SkillGym workout, we'll be exploring how you can start to become more career agile. We'll be chatting about: - Getting curious about your own skills and interests, and applying the empathy part of a design process to yourself and your career - How you might go about prototyping a career, and how to embrace more experimentation in your work life - How to 'sell' your skills in the modern world, and navigate the complexity of portfolio careers, the gig economy, and more! With snacks and drinks in hand, we look forward to building our career agility with you. Ground Floor 45 St Georges Terrace Perth, Western Australia 6000 Spacecubed false MM-dd-YYYY

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