Female Focus - Karen Wojciechowski

A few years ago Karen Wojciechowski went to an internet marketing event and got inspired to start her own business. She wasn’t enjoying her corporate position and wanted to work on something she was passionate about. Having always enjoyed learning about health and nutrition, Karen decided to go back to school to study nutrition and health coaching. From there she started her business to work with clients right away. Drawing from her experience as a “chronic yo yo dieter” when she was younger, Karen wanted to share her knowledge with others.

Women in the Industry
As a woman, Karen feels that she faced more challenges in her previous job in the mining industry than she faces in her current business. In saying that, she is aware that, “women led businesses get less investment and funding” and acknowledges that that is something she may find challenging in the future. Karen’s female role models include Denise Duffield Thomas, Marie Forleo and Natalie Sisson, a mentor who really inspired her at the beginning of her journey.

Success at Spacecubed
Karen has really loved working out of Spacecubed because it has had, “a massive impact on [her] mindset and it’s so much fun to be surrounded by such amazing like minded peers”. When asked about the networking opportunities Karen says, “One great connection I have made through spacecubed is that I was referred to Bank west to be part of their business growth mentorship program which is exciting and I have also been able to launch and develop multiple online health programs since joining Spacecubed.”

In 2018 Karen is working to scale her new DNA results program that includes a DNA test and a customised nutrition and health plan based on your DNA. She’s also looking forward to making her first hire as she gets busier and develops some other online offerings.

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