Chris Nurse [Nursey]

My profile

I've been called Nursey since the age of 5, if you shout, "Hey Nursey!", that's the quickest way to get my attention, as I'm the only guy I know with that nickname ;)

I'm the CTO at NamSource where we build apps for start-ups and social businesses. I'm also the CTO at In8Beats, the developers of QikJam, the real-time virtual band for guitarists. I sit on the board of Impact Seed which is an NFP that builds and supports Social Businesses, providing acceleration and funding opportunities ranging from crowdfunding through to sourcing Impact Investment.

I've been in tech for fourty years, and still role up my sleeves and code. These days though, my skills really revolve around people and business and the connection to how technology presents value and enablement.

I'm known as an advocate for young up and coming people in technology, passionate about diversity and inclusion and building the capacity for innovation in Western Australia.

In 2016 I was voted one of the top technology innovators in Australia by IDG, being added to the inaugural CIO50 list.